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Jaimie Stanley

Jaimie Stanley

Jaimie Stanley



(336) 782-1425


As a young girl my mother and my aunts would take me on trips to see homes and dream of the ways we could turn those homes into our dream house or a bed and breakfast. I always dreamed of the bed and breakfast idea and being a “Gilmore Girl”, I mean what better town to do that in than Mocksville, right? In high school I was the “girl with the camera” the yearbook nerd who was always documenting our lives to remember forever. After high school I pursued my career as a photographer and it took off. I have been a professional photographer for over 7 years now. Family pulled me towards the Real Estate direction when the pandemic hit. I got my license, and fell in love!

I enjoy helping all types of families find their homes, rather it be a temporary home or their forever home. As a photographer I can incorporate that as I help my sellers prepare their home for the market and showcase it with my images. I bond to my clients and feel as if they are family. I feel as though my love for the houses as a child has transferred into my adulthood passion, I still get excited to see homes and explore them. Excellent customer service is what I pride myself on accomplishing.

I have been an agent since 2020 and recently joined Main St. Brokers. It was the first place I thought of when I decided to move and after one meeting with the team I was sold. You’re in great hands with Main St. Brokers, a team full of fun, caring, hard-working, enthusiastic, educated agents and friends!

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