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Jason Cibelli

Jason Cibelli

Jason Cibelli

Licensed Broker


(336) 970-0957


Ever since I bought my first house, I have been interested in Real Estate. Starting from the first conversation with your Realtor, to the search for the property, and when you finally step into the home that you have been waiting for. Then, imagining a life that can be built within those walls. Every step is extremely exciting! I absolutely love talking with people! From being in the United States Marine Corps to a Home Health Physical Therapist Assistant, talking with people about their past, their experiences, and their knowledge has opened my eyes to new and exciting ideas!

Being raised here in Davie County, my heart is committed to the community, and I am honored to be a part of it! Main St. Brokers in Mocksville is the epitome of what I call home. I thrive working and learning from each of my coworkers! The amount of knowledge and experience the Brokers have here, is truly inspiring!

Of the numerous reasons 'why' I enjoy being a Real Estate Broker, I would have to say one of my favorite parts, (in my own home too) is when we first find 'the' house. It's exciting going into the property and being able to help clients plan and see the potential of their new home, seeing the potential that can be achieved to enjoy for years to come and also potentially increase their home's value.

I have a beautiful wife, Chelsea, who has been in my life since 2011. We have 3 amazing children! I adore spending time with them and experiencing new things with my family! From outdoor activities to museums and zoos, we are constantly on the go! I also indulge in doing home renovations. Doing most of the work myself, and seeing the final project completed is such a fulfilling process for me.

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