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Josiah E. Nieves

Josiah E. Nieves

Josiah E. Nieves



(336) 536-0997


Having a supportive family and great mentor were the largest influences on my decision to enter the world of Real Estate. I often note that learning the foundation of such an influential business has surely been a task, but also a pleasure in how many opportunities it allows. While I naturally enjoy the business portion, I have been learning that the relationship opportunities are just as important, if not more.

My most fulfilling experience that captivated my mission to help others was as a Youth Counselor. Helping with direction and encouragement of the youth's experience; mentally, physically, and spiritually, was easily my biggest reward. I thrive on building new connections and watching how that can evolve with positive results.

The benefits of my education and career that resided in different parts of the country - Pennsylvania, Texas and so forth - have directed me to where I am today. As I've been raised around the Davie County area and the surrounding areas, I enjoy further enveloping myself into the community with this local business.

Building relationships with those that I have met through all walks of life is a priority. My relationship with God and my peers encourages me to help educate and fulfill the goals of those that I have the honor of working with. The friendly faces behind Main St. Brokers prioritize building these types of relationships as well, and so it is all the more important that I coincide.

In my free time, I love spending time with friends, old and new. Some top picks of mine would be either at a late night movie, or having a great time talking in a restaurant. I also love being active, playing volleyball, crafting new creations by hand, and listening to gospel music.

Thank you for looking into me, and I look forward to working with you!

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