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Rick Donathan

Rick Donathan

Rick Donathan



(336) 655-0337


As I truly enjoy working with people and problem-solving, I decided to develop my career in Real Estate. This has allowed me to help those looking to achieve their goals in home purchase, no matter what their wish may be. This could be a first-time buyer or a seasoned buyer. Making me a part of their next financial step. My success in real estate has been a result of real-world experiences involving marketing, problem-solving, supervision, listening, and leading by example. My life experiences, with trial and error, has allowed me an education that I wouldn’t have had, otherwise. I chose working with Main St Brokers Real Estate for several reasons; it was local in my community, and the deciding factor was when I met Monica D. Stone-Huggins, it was an instant positive vibe. This office location and facility is up-to-date and has a finger on the pulse on how I want to conduct business. It is an optimal place to welcome my clients and show the professionalism that we embrace.

My favorite part about being a Real Estate Broker is that I get to be a part of the process from start to finish, helping individuals accomplish their dreams of owning their own home. Having the honor of being a part of that process is a satisfying feeling that is almost impossible to describe.

Real estate is a fast-moving business, my job is to stay on top of the economy changing every day. Things I take into consideration when working with my clients are impactful results from the financial market, mortgage rate changes, housing costs, inventory, and availability.

Outside of my time in the office and out in the field, I appreciate the time I have to enjoy my family and friends, creating precious memorable moments with them.

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